Monday, August 24, 2009

~Our Trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado~
So like Andrew always does, he gives me like 24 hours notice
that we are going on vacation, I was ok, and what
about the kids!? So I called my mom and she said she would
watch them, bless her soul. Anyways We headed out on Friday
August 7th and got in around 2:00 am. Tim lives on a big piece
of property which has cows all around it. It was such a beautiful
atmosphere. The reason we went on the trip was Andrew needed
to help Tim fix his new (blue) truck, since he rolled the other truck.
Tim and Andrew were taking old parts off the brown truck and putting
them on the new blue truck, all the after market stuff. So pretty much
the whole time we were there, they were doing car or should I say
truck things, but the last day we were there we went to Marabou where
Tim works and road horses. that was the highlight of the trip! I love horses.
We are planning on taking Jorden back in Sept when he is off track from
school and going horseback riding with him and doing some fishing and
other fun things that you can do on the ranch. anyways, here are some
pictures from the trip.
Oh, here is a link to the ranch, the pictures are so pretty.

The 2 trucks! Getting worked on. I took this picture out of

my bedroom window

I totally and completely loved this old outhouse that
was on Tim's property.
This is in front of Tim's house, Hay bales for the cows.
Looking out at where the cows graze
Once one cow went to the water....
The rest followed! I loved waking up to the cows
mooing and going to sleep hearing coyotes. It was awesome

One of the mornings we were in Steamboat we went to
brunch to this fun little restaurant that was next to the
stream. I loved it.
Not the best picture but you can see the stream there, this
is from where I sat.
Tim and Andrew looking oh so exciting while waiting to
be seated.
A Galloping we go!
While we were in Steamboat, Andrews brother Tim took
us to the ranch he works at and showed us around then
we went on a horse ride! It was fun but when that horse
took off running holy crap! that was scary!
This is the barn they keep the horses in.
Me ready to go! My horse and I bonded instantly.
Me getting ready to go, I had no idea of what to do. LOL
Andrews brother Tim on his horse. Tim works at the ranch
we rode the horses at.
Andrew ready to go!
Taking pictures of yourself on a horse is not
that easy......especially if it is your first time.

Along the horse trail

Tim in the front and Andrew in the back, they really
did not plan to dress alike....had they, it would have
been creepy.
Me, I had SO much fun
we rode the horses along this river.
For some reason, I loved going through the water :)

Andrews horse grabbing a little snack

Grandma Lindahl came over one day and suprised the
boys with this little pool! it is the perfect size for our front
porch so they are out of the sun! They had so much fun
playing in it! Thanks grammy Lindahl!

Getting warm on the warm cement in the sun

Awe, brothers! I love it!
Tanner LOVES the water

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jorden getting his new bike, I had turned my

camera and so it made it sideways and I cannot

for the life of me figure out how to rotate it, so

just turn your head and watch....LOL

Jordens new bike!
Every time we go to Wal-mart Jorden would see this bike
and beg for it so finally we got it for him. I had it in the
living room waiting for him when he got home from school.
He was so excited about it but made it clear that he does
not need training wheels.
Sitting on it testing it out

There he goes!
Bad to the Bone!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Krysta starting to crawl!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Krystas Blessing Dress

It has a sheer cover thing that just ties on.

Without the sheer cover, I dont know what you would call
The back of her dress
The front with the little sheer cover up thing

The bonnet, which did not fit her, she has a tiny head

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Krysta's Blessing
My dad blessed Krysta, we named her Krysta Taylor Adams.
Brother Livingston, Kay Lindahl, Dave Meads, Bishop Robb
I used the opportunity to practice making a cake, so I made
this cake for Krysta's blessing

I had a lot of fun making this. It was my first time making my
own buttercream frosting and using it, I still have yet to master
smoothing it perfectly.

The little butterfly

Dave holding Krysta
Jorden, Krysta and Grandma Adams
Me and my princess
My dad and Krysta, he blessed her.
My mom and Krysta, blurry of my moms face. LOL