Friday, December 25, 2009

I went out to dinner with some old friends from
Jr. High and High School
JJ, me and Daron. I went to school with them
After we went to eat I went for a drive up Bountiful
I took this pic of the fog over the Valley, Now I wish
I had turned off my car since the stupid red lights are
I got stuck. At first both Drivers side tires were in the
ditch but I got it out then the back end got stuck but
some how I got her out!

My Birthday Dinner with my parents
I want one of these in my house....LOL
My mom and I
Me and my dad!
LOL there was a Santa hat on a cactus behind
my dad and it looked like it was on his head.

The big 31!!! My Birthday
So for my birthday which is Dec 14th I went out
to dinner with some of my friends and of course
they got the saddle for me!
Me and Gar!
All of us.
Me and Gar, the Danielle, Marlene and Chris.
I have the best friends EVER!

So Andrew took me out to dinner the day before
my b-day and he MADE me get dessert...which
was worth the 1 pound I gained from it! LOL
We then went for a drive up to Monte Cristo to
see how much snow was up there.
Jorden with Mr. Frosty
December 9th is my moms b-day so I made
her a cake.
Jorden and my mom

Its my moms favorite, she loves the M@Ms on it
The boys waiting to have some, it was killing them!

Krysta in her winter wear
Tanner going in for the kill with the
biggest spoon he could find
She loved the cake too!
We got my mom these cute bunny slippers
Jorden giving her the present

Krysta's first Thanksgiving
Eating dinner, Ben, Jorden and Andrew
The feast!

Jorden was a good boy so dad bought him a Transformer
Krysta drinking her Thanksgiving meal.
Jorden made this in school, I LOVE it
My Princess
This was what Jorden got from his teacher for
Christmas, it is a puzzle! how cute is that!

Danielle and Trevor's Pre-Wedding Party!!!!

Marlene, Danielle and Me
We went to eat at IHOP, Danielle and Trevor

Marlene and Me!
Danielle singing! Cant remember what she sang!
Danielle dancing while showing me her gum
Trevor working up a sweat!