Sunday, October 18, 2009

~Witches Night Out~
Ready for Witches Night Out!
My awesome eyelashes, Took this with my
phone that's why it is not the best quality
My sister posing before leaving for a night of spooky fun!
With the cape on!
LOL, took this of myself
I took this of my hat, kind of hard to do

My sister trying out my broom!
Tanner watching the scary fun!

Shari and I riding on the broom together, I
am sure we exceeded the weight capacity of the broom!

My broom I decorated but did not end up taking! I did
not want to deal with it.
I made this ring!
This is my hat I decorated
My sisters hat she decorated
My sissy ready to head out to witches night out!
Without the Hat! She liked it better that way
Sitting by our new best friend!
Better her then us!
Thought this was so pretty!

Me, Kim and My sister!
My sister thought she looked better with her hat
off! that is why it is never on! She is a dork!

Oh I loved this blanket!

You can see the flying witch behind us! SPOOKY!
We thought she needed a kiss but I could not
stop laughing long enough to give her one!
There she got one from both of us!

I love the witch flying through the air on her bike! Too CUTE

I thought this was too adorable!
My sis cleaning off her boots!
Lots o witches!

There were HUNDREDS of witches!

I loved the trees all lite up

Me and Shari in front of the "Witchy Poo" outhouse

The kids love this fiber optic Haunted House, it makes scary noises too
but can get annoying so we just turn the lights on.
So pretty with green hair!

Awe Tan Tan with braids!
I can't wait till her hair is really that long! LOL

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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All Decorated! I did not do much decorating outside
this year since our yard is not in so here you go!
Duch looking our for ghosts and goblins!

The kitchen