Saturday, May 8, 2010

So I went to see my sister in North Ogden and she was not home, since
she ran out to get pizza so while she was gone I was bored and decided
to take pictures of me in her old hats
no need to say it....I am a nerd
My cute little princess with a butterfly in her hair!

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's ok to be jealous of me! HA HA HA
The GORGEOUS flowers that George gave me!
I SO love them! Why do they have to die???
He gave me this can continue to be jealous...its ok.
I sooooo love these playboy earrings and necklace!
I am so lucky!

Kamarie Lindahls Wedding!
Hee hee....Me ready for my nieces wedding! My Nephew
Josh was taking pictures of me for fun! HA HA
All ready!
Jaxson, Josh and Ashlee Farr! goin on up in the elevator!

Ashlee would NOT let me hold the dang flowers!

I wanted to look like the bride dang it! LOL

Me playing with the bouquet before Kamarie came out.

I tried to steal it....I did not get far
My nephews and niece


My little nephew Carson
My brother and his little boy