Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For Easter I made this cake, it was so fun to make

Grammy opening an Easter egg for Tanner

I made these eggs for the center peice on our table
for dinner. I had so much fun making them.

I got these at Wal-Greens, I thought they were
cute to put M@Ms in
The table set for Easter dinner. we invited my
parents over.
My mom and dad just getting to our house
for Easter dinner.

Tanner making a mess

I made these for the boys, they are peanut butter
chocolate eggs, they were GOOD!
Jordens Easter basket
Tanners Easter basket
The boys Easter baskets
Big Easter strecthes!
Krysta and her first Easter egg
Happy Easter!

Andrew playing with Duchess
Dad stealing goodies out of Jordens eggs
The boys playing ball
Jorden blowing bubbles and Tanner
running through them.

Jorden finding Easter eggs
Tanner found one on the grill!
Too bad our yard is not finished yet.....
Jorden with his Easter basket
I had to hide the eggs in weeds since our yard
is not done yet.

New Bed!
Tanners first night in a big boy bed. We were given
these bunk beds to us by a good friend and the boys
love them!
Jorden gets the top bunk! he is out!
Too cute!
Andrew and his little girl watching TV
Krysta and Jorden feel asleep next to each other

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pretty Princess
I was bored one day so I decided
to take some pictures of Krysta
She was not in the mood to be a model

Mommies Princess!

Awe, A smile

She would not part with her binky here....
everytime I took it out she would wake up
and start crying.
Time to work on the neck muscles!
Playing with the Easter lights

Not too happy with me.....

I love Photoshop