Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun with Dad!

Krysta and Tanner playing with Andrew
She is so small compared to him.
awe....too cute

My mom still had the dress that they
named me in so we thought we would
try it on Krysta.
HA HA, the back of her little head with
the bonnet on.

I love it when they grasp their little hands
like that.
Krystas freshly painted toenails

A day in the air
Mine and Andrews friend Dave is a pilot and
he took us for a ride, we went in this airplane.
We took my neice Ashlee to pay her back for
all the baby sitting she has done for us. after
airplane rides are not cheap.
Dave cleaning out the back....I dont feel bad.
I told him not to do that Barrel roll! he also
did countless zero gravities! UGH!

Dave looking in the window of the airplane at me
thinking boy, Dianna is going to enjoy this!
Dave walking around the plane
Me and Ashlee ready for take off
I may be smiling, but I am scared....who knows
what Dave has in store for us!
Ashlee looking out the window
Antelope Island and Great Salt Lake

Looking down at Lagoon
Andrew and Dave

Tops of Farmington Mountains
Lagoon, it looks so small from up in the sky
The other end of Lagoon