Saturday, January 24, 2009

So tired, but not as tired as mom!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just after a bath

This is one of my favorite blankets. It
is so soft

I just love how dark her hair is!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Krysta's Birthday!
Well I went to my Dr. January 7th and she checked
me and she said I was dilated to a 3 and effaced 50%.
She also took my blood pressure and did not like how high
it was so she told me she wanted to induce me Monday
January 12th. I said OK! I am so ready, but I thought I
would have her before then, I felt so ready to just burst. I though
needed to get through Saturday since my mom was throwing me a
baby shower. Well the weekend came and soon it was Monday and
Andrew had gotten up early to workout so I sat downstairs
waiting for him and thought I was going to throw up because I
was so nervous. Andrew got home at 7:00 am and we were off
to North Davis Hospital. We waited in the waiting room for like
an hour and Andrew kept getting so uptight about waiting, I
thought I was going to kill him! but finally they sent me up and
we went to my room where they got me ready. They started me
on pitocin around 8:30 and my contractions started out small, then
at about 11:00 they broke my bag of water which hurt!!!! that is
when the contractions really started! When I was dilated to a 7
I said I wanted the epidural ASAP so they called for the Anesthesiologist and
he did not come a minute too soon. They got me ready for the epidural
and it took 3 tries and a half hour to finally get the needle in the right
spot. My mom, sister and Andrew all looked worried but I did not care...
I was starting to not feel anything! After that it all went pretty fast and
I pushed 5 times and she was out! At 1:12pm Krysta Taylor Adams
was born. She weighed 6 lbs 12 oz. and was 20 inches long.
Me waiting for the contractions to did
not take long!
Me taking in a little extra oxygenThe man that took all the pain away even though
it took 3 tries....OUCH
this is the sign that was in my delivery room
My sister pretnending to push a baby out since 14
years ago today she gave birth to my niece
And my mom pretending to push my brother out since
she too gave birth on January 12th. So my mom, sister and
I gave birth to one of our children on Jan, 12th! Weird!

They handed her to me right after I had her and
I had never had a Dr. do that so I was kind of
shocked I was not ready and so tired that is was
hard to hold her.
My Dr. (Mid-wife) taking the fetal scalp moniter
She needs a bath!
She weighed 6lbs, 12oz. and was 20 inches long

All clean. Babies are never very cute when they first
come out.....
Andrew holding his little girl for the first time.
Andrews mom holding Krysta
My dad was anxious to come to the hospital
to see his new little grand daughter and was
there not too long after I had her.
I think Jorden and Krysta are going
to be good friends some day.

Ashlee my niece helping Jorden hold Krysta
My mom holding Krysta
Awe, her cute little bed
I love her dark hair
This is the sign they had in my recovery room

I got these pretty flowers from a friend
Me holding her, I never want to put her down.
Look at her hair, I love it
Tanner meeting Krysta for the first time after
I got home.
Jorden just loves her so much

My Baby Shower
My mom gave me a baby shower on January 10th
and I had a really good turnout and got so many
cute things! It was so fun.
My mom had this Hello Kitty cake made for me.
I am doing Krystas room in Hello Kitty

My mom set her kitchen table cute and had the baby shower favors on it

Lily my sisters dog even joined in on the fun.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Over the past few days we have been getting
a lot of snow, Jorden would just stand by the
window saying how he wished Daddy was home
so he could play in it. I cannot very easily play
in the snow right now since I am about to pop, but
today Andrew was home for a few hours from his
appointments and Jorden was able to play in the
snow while Andrew snowblowed the driveway
He had so much fun but came in with
frozen feet and hands which I had to
warm up for him.
While Andrew was out there a truck got stuck
in our cold a sac and Andrew being the good
samaritan that he is got out the tow rope and
pulled the lady out.
There he goes!