Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Princess Lilleth
I got bored one night so I decided to paint Lilleth's claws.
She was not too happy about it but I am sure she likes
the outcome. ;)

Krysta loves to watch TV in the boys room

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey everyone, I made another blog consisting of my hobbies, from

baking cakes to photography or whatever I love to do. I have it set

as private so if you would like to see it just let me know and I will

add you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Krysta going for Duchess
Jorden carrying his little sister
She makes a good pillow

~Wash and Dry~
Krysta had a bath....
Then of course needed dryed off! LOL. J/K

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

St. George Trip!
We headed down to St. George for those who earned it on Shannon
and Andrews teams, we stayed at a Condo in St. George. The break
was so nice and I just love it down there.

Shannon and Andrew arguing already and we were only in Salt Lake.

This is how Joe peels oranges....I may have added
the sunflower seeds.
AWE, Lovers on the way to St. George!
Shannon was so excited to eat this Carmel corn on the cob
Shannon made us do eye shots on the way down. she is a dorkus
This is Shannon's eye
My eye

The Condo! Mine and Andrews room
The second bedroom
Looking down the hall and Shannon and Rick
into the front room
Looking towards the pool from our balcony
The balcony, it was good sized!

In and Out!
Andrew NOT sticking to the diet at all.
Me opening my can of yucky tuna fish! BLAH! like who even
diets on vacations?!?!
Shannon and I do! LOL.

Sitting by the pool
Tanning my white feet
Yes, we splurged even though we were dieting! Look at
Shannon's excitement!
hee hee hee
Shannon went to smash ice cream into Joe's face so he is
doing a back bend! LOL

Shannon's foot and my foot, Man I need a tan
We buried Shannon in the sand, she loved it
covering her up!

B.J catching the Frisbee
Go Rick!
Nokie got it too!

B.J., Nokie, Rick and Joe
Me and Nokie on the tube
hanging on for dear life!
Getting getting brave and standing up! Me, not so brave.
we both forgot to take off our sunglasses! LOL
Shannon relaxing on the tube

Shannon and I headed to the pool, Yes my back is fried
Shannon jumping off Andrews shoulders, She looks like
a dolphin.
Awe, the water felt SO good!

We found the coolest and yummiest Pizza place.
They seated us in our own little room! It was so
cool! I loved it!

Andrew on the phone as usual and Shannon
peeking over for me to take her picture.
Our Chandelier
Andrew and I ready to order!
I loved this restaurant!
This is what was on top of our little cove,
a waterfall!
Just a view of our little room we ate in.