Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to go flying!

Not come comforting to see.....
Coming in for a landing

Storm rolling in.

Railroad tracks

A day of flying

The Spiral Jetty

hee hee hee
Dave the pilot flying

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bridal Shower
So my brothers daughter is getting married so of course
we went to her bridal shower. It was very fun
They did a contest where we had 3 teams and had to make
a toilet paper wedding dress....I ended up being the model for ours.
I did not dare move!
Finished product!
Me pulling the famous Ashlee face, My niece Ashlee
makes those faces in all her pictures so I had to pretend
I was her. HA HA HA She was not too happy with me

The other two runner ups! well the girl on the right one best TP dress
Every wife must have the "Housewives Handbook" LOL

That was her engagement picture blown up and framed.
opening our gift! we loaded a basket full of
everyday items.

Mother and Daughter
Sisters! Kamarie and Kaylee
All the girls
The yummy food and I must add I LOVED those flowers
Gifts all packed up and ready to go

So my friend Marlene had her little baby girl so it was
a must that I stop in and hold her! She was adorable!
The Neighborhood cat "Stryker"
I love this cat, It is so nice and if you leave your front door
open, it will just come inside. Krysta LOVED looking at it.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

Dream Car!So I went to dinner to one of my favorite resturants "Texas Roadhouse"
and when I was leaving I saw my dream car....So I had to have my
picture taken by it. *dreaming*
My sissy and I went with a bunch of girls to dinner at
Grand America. It was so fun and yummy. Afterwards
we went to a singles dance!
Inside the bathroom. I went in there twice just because it
was so pretty. LOL
I want this chandelier in my room
Loved this one too
Center piece on our table. I wanted to put it in
my purse...LOL
Just some of the deserts

So I was divorced in January and ended up having to move in with my parents.
So I thought I would put pictures of my new living arrangements. It is me and my
2 boys in the room and then Krysta's crib is on the side of the pool table.
View out of my room, my living room or where Jorden
plays PlayStation
The boys watching TV in our new casa
My desk or work area

That is my beautiful view out of my window....a sweet window well

WOW her hair grew fast!!!