Monday, November 23, 2009

The Wow Wow Wubbzy Cake I made for Tanner

My mom and Krysta
Me and my dad....he looks SO happy!
Present time!
Me and my birthday boy
Tanner wanting some cake
Jorden was not happy with me, I made him eat
some healthy food before cake.
My dad and Tanner
AWE!!! messy sticky fingers!

Tanners new tent
Yes, being in there made my hair staticy
Me and Tan Tan the Man Man

Tanner and his new Wubbzy

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Blog!!!

Hey everyone, I decided to make another blog for all
my photography pictures, I have so many they were
taking up tons of space on our family blog. So I will
post the link and you can check them out if you would

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treating at Emeritus

Jorden all ready to go trick or treating at my sisters work
My sister is the Executive Director at the Emeritus Assisted Living
in North Ogden and they were having a Trick or Treating thing with
all the residents so I took my kids up to it. It was a lot of fun. I really
enjoy old people and had fun seeing them dressed up and handing out
candy to everyone.
Who really knows what he was doing for the old people,
but I think they enjoyed watching whatever it was.

Jorden going through the line trick or treating.
Chad ready to steal her skittles!
My sister on the right talking to one of her employees

Chad, my sisters boyfriend holding Krysta, I think he was
getting ready to steal her candy! I kept my eye on him!
Me and my sister!
Krysta just being so stinkin cute

Tanner with his sucker that probably got so many germs on it I cant stand to think about it.

Jorden in my sisters office transforming for all of us

Tanner with some of his loot
Look how cute his little tail is! LOL
One of the adorable residents that lives at my sisters building
talking to Krysta. I loved how so many of the cute old people
dressed up to hand out candy. they were SO cute!

Krysta, my mom and I, awe! 3 generations!
The boys playing on the yucky floor!
My niece Ashlee holding Krysta
The balloon saved the day for Tanner!
Tanner or Wubbzy and his balloon

Jorden by the big scary pumpkin
Me, Baily and Jorden

Trunk or Treat!
We went to our wards Trunk or Treat and you can see
Jorden in the back there, they were doing a costume

This is Jorden and his friend Isaac from school, they are in the same
class at school and they just live up the street! I thought it was so cute that they were the same thing for Halloween.

The Web on the window of my car... I was getting it decorated
for Trunk or Treat
Did not do a whole lot but here it is. I ended up putting the
cat on the ground and a little haunted house in place of the cat.

Here is a pic of it at the church. There was so many kids that we ran out of candy!