Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The last couple days Tanner has gotten a hold of markers
and colored on his body and on the walls in his room. Its
a good thing it is washable markers,
His room. It came right off thank goodness.
I about DIED when I saw this.
Day 2! he did it again!!!

Last day of Kindergarten
Well Jorden made it through kindergarten!
Jorden and his teacher Mrs. Chamberland.
He liked her so much
Walking down the hall to leave school! He is now a 1st grader!
Jorden and his friend Luke
His classroom
Another shot of his classroom

His last drink as a kindergartener...in his classroom
This is the thank you card Jorden made for his teacher.
The card Jorden made for his teacher and the present he
picked out for her.
Jordens "used to be" Kindergarten classroom
The spot for his backpack

Since we moved half way through the school year I did not buy
a yearbook for Jorden because he was not in it so I just took
pictures of his class and his teacher in the yearbook on the
last day of school.
Jordens teacher, Mrs. Chamberland. He loved her
All the kids in Jordens class
Jorden putting all the stuff in his desk into his
Jorden outside the doors at school

All the students signing yearbooks. Jorden there in the yellow

Jorden looses his FIRST tooth!
My baby has lost his first tooth!!! He lost it July 2ND.

He now has a window in his mouth

I love how cute his little teeth are!
This is the envelope the tooth fairy left with his dollar in it
Other side of the envelope. He was SO excited when he pulled
it out from under his pillow
I decided this would be the perfect time to practice
making a cake, so I made a tooth cake!
Jorden LOVED his tooth cake and it tasted SO good!